Reached +400% Qualified Leads in 60 Days

A global technology services company — Provides business solutions in high performance areas, software development and technology solutions.

The company wanted to align it's branding, positioning, and commercial offer with the market expectations, to gain competitiveness vis-a-vis competitors, to achieve revenue goal of by 2021, reduce dependency on its large clients searching for new clients, make internal processes more agile, and attract ventures capital funds.

After performing a technical diagnosis based on quantitative and qualitative analysis, brainstorming with Management team, and organizing deep dive sessions with the directors of the verticals, we decided to implement : A complete digital communication strategy, through social networks (RR.SS), to develop a Revenue pipeline. 1. A repositioning of the commercial offer, more adaptated to the expectations of the market and the customers, both in terms of content and image and the delivery of aligned commercial materials. 2. A brand new branding and image of the company, that position the company as market-leader. 3. A complete digital communication strategy, through social media (RR.SS), to develop a Revenue pipeline. 4. The implementation of an agile culture based on a logic of follow-ups and reports (OKRs // KPIs).