From 2 to +1.000 unique customers in 6 months

SaaS B2B — Company operating software for the restaurant industry

The company's platform offers a complete optimization of restaurant processes. The company wanted to reposition its image and service to gain market share and gain in competitiveness, land and optimize its business acquisition and conversion processes in order to generate more business leads and thus increase sales.

After performing a technical diagnosis based on quantitative and qualitative analysis, brainstorming with the Management team, and organizing deep-dive sessions with the directors of the verticals, we decided to implement: 1. Building and Structuring the Revenue Office from 0 to 100: Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Partnerships. 2. Designing strategic roadmaps, implementing transversal action plans & overseeing the revenue generation. 3. Establishing agile procedures & analyzing daily/weekly/monthly measurements (KPIs/OKRs) to foster a high-performance, customer-centric, data-driven, and meritocratic culture. 4. Created processes & playbooks, conducted team building workshops, and implemented best practices to operate efficiently and with great agility.